+KTCPSND response and delay


I was wondering what exactly the response OK means from the command +KTCPSND.
Is it that the data is transmitted (ie data is at the RF stage)?

I am seeing quite a big difference on the response time for OK between 1 byte and 3kbytes,
around 3 seconds.


Here is a document on how to capture wireshark log in HL78 module.
You can see when the OK is returned during the tcpdump log.
[HL7800] How to capture Wireshark trace.docx (224.6 KB)

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So i have to match somehow the timings of the responses with the log?

yes, I think so, that will answer your question

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An explanation in the datasheet would help. I’ve seen it in other modems.


I have made a test here:


//here if I stop typing anything, the “12345” will still send to server and arrive server side.

//after that if I type “–EOF–Pattern–”, OK will be returned. So the OK is indicating you quit the data mode.

On your side, you can test the same and observe on server side:
after those 3 seconds delay and OK is received , are the data still transferring to server?

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