Can someone help me!!! :unamused:

I am using HL6528 to send HTTPS post to my server.
What are the reasons that can result in this error?..
only invalid certificate… or are there other possible causes…

What is the KPRIVKSTORE used for? And what should be given as input to KPRIVKSTORE command?

  • Chandrasekar

yes the error comes when the certificate used are not proper.
+kprivkstore will store the client private key which is creating using client certificate.


Thank you Alex

Refering to “Privkstore”, is this AT command used only in case of sec_level 3 in KHTTPSCFG?

FYI, Reference manual says, sec_level 3 is to handle both Server and client authentication…

I am using Sec_level 2 in my application, where the GSM module tries to validate the server’s certificate. What is the certificate and key should I use in GSM modem to validate the server’s certificate?