Known Bugs / Issues in Open AT versions

Each version of Open AT is accompanied by a release not showing “Known Problems” as well as Fixes that have been achieved in that version.

Could you set up (or is there already?) an online list of all of these issues by version? That would make porting solutions between versions far easier and also help users to target versions that don’t contain bugs they might run into or atleast alert them to the fact that they might have to implement work arounds.


I would also like to have access to this kind of information…

But I’m pretty sure all that information is highly confidential… Nobody really likes to volunteer information about problems, right? You might even scare some potential customers away… It would be great for developpers to know about existing problems… But how much can a company really tell you? Microsoft doesn’t tell you all the bugs they have, but it is common knowledge that there are a lot of them in their W*****s operating system :laughing:

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