It's Alive!!!

Hi All,

Just completed a cross-compile of a custom webserver that I use for configuration tasks on embedded Linux to the Legato.

It works!

And here’s the picture:

BTW, the web page is hitting the server roughly every 250mS with two ajax requests to get the server wall time and system up time.

I’m pretty impressed.

ciao, Dave

Heh. Excellent!

Is it your first step to the nice Legato app you’ll be demoing at Developer Day next June-13 in Paris ? :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave!



I have a plan to do so. Need to show the legato who’s boss though…

Ciao, Dave

Haha! Right. Keep posting news of your app here! :slight_smile:


Hiya All.

Just out of interest, I now have ModbusTCP and Lua libraries cross-compiled and running (as part of a Legato LINUX application).

Still working on getting my head around the Legato Application code though.

Soon be time for some hardware bashing!

ciao, Dave

Nice :slight_smile: