Is there exemple about sending email?

Hi all
Is there someone who can give us an exemple of sending email form a module (with Ip ed_lib or with At# Commands).
I have seen the exemple given in the documentation but somme parametres i’ve not understand.


I’ve succes to send email by AT# Commands
But not using edlib, because i’ve a compilation error in the declaration of varaible of type “ed_EmailSetupParams_t”.

ed_EmailSetupParams_t ParamEmail;

Gives a following error and warning:
appli.c:47: parse error before “ParamEmail”
appli.c:47: warning: data definition has no type or storage class

Please if there is one who can tell me if there is an error in the syntax of the predefined type ? because i’ve taken it from he official documentation.


Hi Malek,

I’ve noticed there is an error in the documentation. “ed_EmailSetupParams_t” should be corrected to “ed_emailSetupParam_t”.

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much for reply
But “ed_emailSetupParam_t” don’t resolve a problem, please where u have found the correction ?

Yes i’ve found the error : “ed_EmailSetupParams_t” should be replaced to “ed_emailSetupParams_t”