ed_PutMail Function


I want to send an email using ed_PutMail function. Has anybody used it?
What is the difference in sendmail and putmail function?
I want code for this.


Hi Rahul,
ed_SendMail () can be used to send preconfigured mail messages of 120 bytes only. Here “preconfigured” means that the message body is already composed. ed_PutMail () function can be used to send mails of size greater than 120 bytes. This API is similar to your TCP/IP sockets API where you get a call to a callback function. From the callback function, you can send the contents of mail using ed_SendData () API.
So, to send large mails, you should use ed_PutMail () function.
You can also refer to the API Guide for eDLib for more information on these APIs.
Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.