Is there a way to Auto Switch APN's MC7354


Using AT commands, is there a way to program the module so that it automatically switches APN’s using the APN pool when one fails to connect?

My current pool looks like this:

+CGDCONT: 1,“IPV4V6”,“vzwims”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 2,“IPV4V6”,“vzwadmin”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 3,“IPV4V6”,“vzwinternet”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 4,“IPV4V6”,“we01.VZWSTATIC”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 5,“IPV4V6”,“vzw800”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 9,“IPV6”,“vzwims”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 10,“IP”,“vzwadmin”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 11,“IP”,“vzwinternet”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 12,“IP”,“we01.VZWSTATIC”,“”,0,0
+CGDCONT: 13,“IP”,"",“”,0,0

I’d like to switch to we01.VZWSTATIC should vzwinternet fail to connect. The goal is to do this while leaving the APN field within the router blank.


No there isn’t a way for the unit to switch/cycle the APN’s, the Verizon units are configured as per Verizons specs other than that the general philosophy is that it uses CID 1 to start the LTE bearer and that is it.



What is the purpose of the APN pool then? Is it just a list of acceptable APN’s?

I’ve also noticed something strange. If I burn the MC7354 module for either Verizon OR AT&T, the T-Mobile sim that I have works. This is also regardless of what is in the APN of my router. It works on VZWSTATIC, vzwinternet,, or any of the ATT apn’s. What would cause this?

You would need to use a Bluetooth sniffer to monitor the traffic and get it in wireshark format so we could try to figure out what was going on. There are loads available on the net.



Sorry, answered the wrong post.

Re the questions, it is what Verizon specify, I think tey an start session wit specific APN’s if they know what they are i.e. VoLTE is going to be going over IMS (not that we support it). Regardless this is the config that Verizon have specified to us which probably comes from the handset specs and these will automatically be starts and stoping sessions with other APN’s.

Re the Tmobile comment the network can tell the unit what APN to use so here the APN might be irrelevant although I hae seen it where the unit is unable to attach if the wrong APN is set.