IPSEC VPN from RV50 to ASA5512

I have tried countless hours to get this to work with no luck, I can however get this setup with an ASA sitting on the inside of the RV50 (ASA to ASA) but not from the RV50 its self to the main Cisco Firewall. Any help, tips /tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Hi ciscoguru1,

We need to see a log file in order to get a better understand of the issue. Please log into AceManager > Log > Configure Logging, make sure everything is set to Notice and Linux Syslog is set to Display. Once that is done, refresh the log file and paste it into this thread so we can review it.

Another important thing to note is that, currently, Sierra Wireless products only support IKEv1. Please make sure this is reflected on your Cisco ASA.