Initial value on virtual ressources

When I save a Blueprint, the initial value are not recording on the Blueprint.
So, when I apply a Blueprint, this initial value are not applied.
Have a solution to apply this values ?
It is possible by API but do you know a more simple method ?

Hi Romuald,
I don’t have that issue when saving Blueprint.

Please make sure that the virtual resources are configured correctly

Or you can use API to create the Blueprint
The all resources should be set in “state” item of Body data:

“state”: {
“/virtual/config”: {
“free_space”: {
“dt”: 2,
“v”: 10

For the details, please refer


So, the “dt” is Data Type :slight_smile:
1 = boolean
2 = integer
3 = string

And “v” is initial value.

It is exact ?


Yes, “dt” is data type, and “v” is initial value.


Can someone add the numeric “dt” definition to the official documentation please?

On a side note why not use the standard typeof string names instead of numbers?

I can’t see anywhere in the Octave documentation where the numeric datatypes are defined. Maybe there is a standard JavaScript definition but the only standard one I’m aware of is string based e.g.

Boolean       "boolean"
Number        "number"
String        "string"

and (not relevant here)

Undefined                            "undefined"
Null                                 "object" (see below)
Symbol (new in ECMAScript 2015)      "symbol"
Function object                      "function"
BigInt (new in ECMAScript 2020)      "bigint"
Any other object                     "object"