I2C problem with Ethernet IESM card

Hi, all

FXT-003 with FXTE02 Ethernet IESM card. 7.45 firmware.
Sometimes, after reset, I2C EEPROM can not be read. adl_busRead() returns an error. (not sure what the error code yet).
Problem is quite intermittent. We initialise the modem, read the EEPROM. If all is good, reset the modem and try again.
With modem resetting every minute, it took about 5 hours to reproduce (around 300 resets). With large population of devices in the filed, we have real problem on our hands.

A good approach would be to detect an error, reset the modem and continue happily. Unfortunately, we rely on reading EEPROM to detect if Ethernet ins installed. If read fails, our unit decided that it is “serial only” device and acts appropriately.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just to add, adl_busRead() returns -2 (ADL_RET_ERR_PARAM)


Was this solved?

Attached is the latest version of the Ethernet driver which will be available in Internet Library 5.55 (part of the yet to be released Open AT Application Framework 2.52). It has a tweak in Ethernet initialization (in extstorage_iic.c) which I think should resolve this issue.
ethernet_driver.7z (19.3 KB)

Thanks, will give it a try.