I2C from wm_bus to adl_bus

Hello all

I’m moving my code from 6.41 to 6.55 and because of this I need to move the I2C bus from wm_bus to adl_bus. But I get write errors.
This is the subscribtion:

if (PCA9555Caddress < 0x25) PCA9555Caddress++;
else PCA9555Caddress = 0x22;

C9555_handle = adl_busSubscribe  ( ADL_BUS_TYPE_I2C_SOFT | PCA9555Caddress, ADL_IO_ID_U32_TO_U16(ADL_IO_Q24X6_GPIO_4)	|(ADL_IO_ID_U32_TO_U16(ADL_IO_Q24X6_GPIO_0)<<16));

And the Write command:
sReturn = adl_busWrite( C9555_handle, NULL, WriteBuffer.DataLen, (void*)WriteBuffer.Data);

I get sReturn = -1
The only explenation for error code -1 I can find is in the Basic Development Guide where it says WM_BUS_MODE_UNKNOWN_TYPE.

Does anybody have an idea what I’m doing wrong?