I2C Bus: How to Send a Repeated Start Condition?


The “Repeated Start Condition” (“Sr” in the I2C specification) is a standard part of the I2C protocol, and required by many peripherals:


nxp.com/documents/user_manual/UM10204.pdf - eg, see figs 6 & 13

There is no mention of this in the ADL User Guide - so, how does one generate a Repeated Start Condition (Sr) using the ADL Bus Service :question:



The Repeated Start Condition is not implemented in the I2C interface. So i guess it is not possible to generate the same using any of the APIs.



So another case of a crippled interface, useless for many standard reuirements, then! :unamused:

Like the half-duplex-only SPI: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/can-open-at-do-full-duplex-spi-yet/4516/5