HttpGet(sample code) don't work on WP7605. "failed to read /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied"

I tried to work httpGet(sample code) on WP7605.
But, it don’t work on WP7605.
The following is a part of logread output.
“failed to read /etc/resolv.conf: Permission denied”

Why no permission?

Using “chmod o+x /etc/resolv.conf”, I can confirm httpGet sample code working.
But, that’s no good, because the permission of /etc/resolv.conf is updated automatically.

Devlopment enviroment : Vscode (Legato Plugin for VSCode, swi-wp76_5.0.4)
Device: WP7605

Please tell me what I should do.
Best regards, Akihito Fujikake.

Here says you need to use unsandboxed app or using real ip address inside the .c file

Or you can try swi-wp76_5.2.0 with legato 20.08

Using “sandbox: false”, httpGet sample stated to work.
Thank you very much, jyijyi!!