HTTP Get Example

Hi, I tried to get the Example HTTP-Get to run.

Now i encounter the following problem:
After I run the example with my connection data (APN, User, PW) I receive the following trace output:

2014/09/24;18:49:43:728;001;ADL;4;HTTP Client Service test application : Init
2014/09/24;18:49:46:365;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_OPEN
2014/09/24;18:49:47:535;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/24;18:49:47:535;002;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 0 bytes
2014/09/24;18:49:47:550;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE
2014/09/24;18:49:47:550;002;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Status=302
2014/09/24;18:49:47:566;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Reason=“Moved Temporarily”
2014/09/24;18:49:47:566;002;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Content Type=“httpd/unix-directory”
2014/09/24;18:49:47:582;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Response Length=0 bytes

Now the question is: Why i receive the response code 302 (Moved Temporarily)?

I also receive this, after changing the URL.

Because that’s the HTTP Response Code which the server returned!

OK, my fault. I have to ask more precisely.

It’s clear to me that the code was sent from the server. But why?
I expected to receive some incoming data after sending a HTTP Get request.

I tried different URLs, but every time i received 302 as response from the server (even when i’m running the unchanged HTTP-Get-Example (except the bearer connection data)).

Has anybody run the example and received some data?

Clearly, that is a question for the Server :exclamation:

The HTTP Status codes are sent under clearly defined conditions:

Obviously that will only happen if the request is valid, and for a URI that the server accepts.

By sending you a 302 Status Code, The server is telling you that it does not accept that URI - study the links above for some hints on the URI that the server will accept…

Have you tried those exact URLs in other clients; eg, a web browser :question:

What is the result?

I just tested the http example using the 2.52 framework package. I changed the URL to

const ascii * HTTP_STR_URL = "";

I also changed the APN.
It seems to be working:

2014/09/25;09:03:55:584;001;ADL;4;HTTP Client Service test application : Init
2014/09/25;09:03:56:044;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_OPEN
2014/09/25;09:03:56:485;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/25;09:03:56:517;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 603 bytes
2014/09/25;09:03:56:528;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/25;09:03:56:558;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 2816 bytes
2014/09/25;09:03:56:614;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/25;09:03:56:640;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 1408 bytes
2014/09/25;09:03:56:694;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/25;09:03:56:725;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 2816 bytes
2014/09/25;09:03:56:779;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_READ
2014/09/25;09:03:56:808;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: read 1924 bytes
2014/09/25;09:03:56:838;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE
2014/09/25;09:03:56:845;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Status=200
2014/09/25;09:03:56:875;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Reason="OK"
2014/09/25;09:03:56:906;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Content Type="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"<LF>
2014/09/25;09:03:56:936;001;ADL;4;http_ClientTestDataHandler: Response Length=9567 bytes

Perhaps a tutorial on HTTP would be helpful:


found the problem. The bearer-APN was wrong. It was not an HTTP issue.

Thanks for your help.

Presumably, the APN was giving the HTTP response - telling you something about the error :question: