How to use UDP


Can anyone tell me, how to use UDP protocol to transmit and receive data.
Can it be used as a server.
Should i require DNS server for the UDP

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Hi Sunil,

Are you using WIP library for the implementation of UDP? This is because; in WIP library, there is no concept of UDP server and UDP client.
There is a UDP channel which is used to send data to any UDP peer and which can be used to receive data from any other UDP peer.
In other words, the UDP channel, is not bound to a particular peer (however, there is a way using pseudoconnected UDP channels wherein you can send data only to a particular UDP peer only).

Hence, if you use a UDP channel, you are entitled to receive/send data to any UDP peer in the world.
Also, if you are trying to use literal string for the UDP peer (for instance,, then you would require a DNS server to be configured at the GGSN (which is normally configured by the service provider).
Otherwise, you can simply specify the IP address of the peer to which you want to send the data. You can refer to the WIP user guide for more information on how to use UDP.

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Hi OpenAT Fan,

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I m using Q2438F, I would encourage you, if you let me the procedure for transmitting data using UDP.

I also have Q2406B with WIP also.

Please specify the AT commands (if used)

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