How to tell the hardware variant?


The WP modules come in 2 hardware variants depending on the used memory chips. Is there a way to tell which variant is a certain module by reading something on it?

We can program them with an image from before the new variant, e.g R12 and see if it fails, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

You can see this command

Thanks! And where can I find which flash part numbers belong to which hardware variant?

the new memory could appear in any new WP module
Since you have one module with old memory and one module with new memory, you can compare the return in that command

That was the original plan but I’ve seen different part numbers in Variant 2 modules. I’d feel more comfortable if we had a definitive list of part numbers to eliminate doubt.

actually why do you need to know the flash type?
Most of the FW should be OK to download to both old and new memory

Some regions require a custom firmware and we’ve had trouble with the variants in the past. Also from a traceability point of view, it’s beneficial for us to know what variant is each module, to help us troubleshoot when things go wrong.

Probing the memory part is a nice way of doing it so just need to know for certain which parts belong to which variant.

here says the flash type for old memory

Thanks, so variant 1 can have only MT29F4G08ABBEA3W and anything else is variant 2? Are they defined somewhere in the code base by any chance?

what do you see for varient 2 ?

I see different part numbers but I’d prefer a source of truth type of reference. I assume there might be subtle changes in the part numbers for a given variant too and I would think the IDs are tracked somewhere in the codebase.

i think the AT!BSINFO should have different output, right?

Yes and I can read the flash part number this way but the missing information is which part numbers belong to which variant. Checking a handful of known modules may give me some information and I’m looking for some sort of acknowledgment that the same part numbers apply to our existing fleet and new units.

no, i don’t have such information, normally user does not need to know which flash is using in the module

Ok, being able to read the flash part is still a good start, thank you for the commands.