How to stop WIND & CREG indications on Terminal Emulator?

Hi All,

 I am connected Fastrack Supreme to AMR (Power Meter). when Fastrack Supreme is booting, some wind and creg indications are comming on Terminal Emulator. I tried with AT+WIND=0 and AT+CREG=0, but still i am getting the command like +CGREG: 0 
 How to stop these indications? I have to send some AMR own cammonds from Fastrack Supreme to AMR. Due to this wind and creg indications i am not able to get the exact data from AMR. Please tell me how to stop this.

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Hi ariseramesh8,
When you config AT+WIND=0 => no +WIND response will send out.
When you config AT+CREG=0, you must to save this config to EPROM by AT&W.


I am also using the wavecom modem for AMR with GPRS. Following is the architecture that we are having

Meter----------->Wavecom Modem---------------->GPRS.

In the above scenario we need altleast 2 COM ports one for connecting to the Meter and another for Debugging/downloading. How to manage both using the single COM Port.

Pls help us in resolving the same.

Thanks a lot in advance.


For Debugging/downloading, why not just use the IESM with the 2nd COM port?

Alternatively, Look in the Tools Manual in the section titled Development Toolkit- it shows you how to connect your application to the target through the PC:

The forum seems to have lost the attachment.

It should have looked something like this: