How to setup UMTS connection?


We succeeded to setup a TCP/IP connection using our Q26 extreme modem. This modem supports UMTS.
When testing the speed of the connection, it seems that it is a GPRS connection (measured rate about 50k bps). However, we would like to setup a UMTS connection.

The example code that we use, calls wip_bearerOpen() with argument “GPRS”. We tried “UMTS” but this seems not to be correct parameter.
Does any body know what argument to pass in order to obtain a UMTS connection?


Because, “device” parameter of wip_beareropen doesn’t have “UMTS” device (only: UART1, UART1x, …, GSM, GPRS).
GPRS is packet switched data transmission for GSM. and wip_bearer… is API for GPRS connection, not for UMTS.

No, that’s not true: WIP supports many non-GPRS “bearers” - including CSD (GSM Data Cal), UART, and ethernet.

Ethernet is supported by a driver, and its source code is provided in the samples - so you could take a look at that to see how to add support for a new “Bearer” to WIP…?

OK, thanks awneil.

But, how can we setup TCP/IP connection over 3G? WIP supports GPRS-bearer of 2G, only.
we need something to that out modem can connect TCP/IP over 3G.

Like I said, look at the ehternet driver provided in the samples - that should show you how to add support for an additional bearer type not “natively” provided in WIP…

Hi, awneil
Can you show me how to add a new type of bearer?
and, how to setup TCP/IP connection over 3G?

Sorry, I think that’s beyond the scope of a forum post - that’d be a consultancy project!

You should speak to your Distributor or FAE for support on this…

(or PM me if you want to discuss private consultancy)

So we were lured with the UMTS feature of this modem, but only GPRS is working out-of-the-box …

Ok, if we want to write that UMTS driver, then we need detailed hardware information about the inside of the Q26 Extreme. Is that available?

You mean you didn’t discuss your requirements fully with your supplier prior to purchase?

“out of the box” the modem itself supplies “raw” UMTS access in exactly the same way that it supplies “raw” GPRS access and “raw” GSM access - it’s just a modem.

You have to add software to give you a TCP/IP stack to use it.

It’s the TCP/IP stack that (apparently) doesn’t (yet) have UMTS Bearer support.

Actually, you don’t - the AT Commands Interface is sufficient (and is, in fact, what WIP uses).

It is: it’s called the “Product Technical Specification” - or “PTS” for short.

Again, you would be well advised to discuss this fully with your Distributor or FAE…

Apparently, once again, it’s the documentation that’s misleading here. :unamused:

“GPRS” as a WIP bearer type actually means, “Any packet-based bearer” - which includes EDGE, UMTS, etc…


i have the same problem with the Q26 Extreme Modul.
I transfer the data over SPI to Modem and send these over the WIP Function to Server.
But the Uploadspeed is not faster as 13kbytes/s.
Support the WIP function the UMTS transmission, or someone has an idea how I build a TCP/IP connection over umts?