How to set up two modems(Airlink-GL6100)

Our company uses Airlink-GL6100 modem which is receiving data via GSM. When I use single modem, the modem has stucked a lot. If the modem has stucked, we can’t receive any data via GSM. So I want to use two modems, it will work parallel and together. I hope that if we can set up two modems, there will be no stuck. Is it possible or not?

How to set up two modems(Airlink-GL6100)?
What equipment I need to prepare? Now I have two modems(Airlink-GL6100).

That sounds like a vain hope :exclamation:

If one gets “stuck”, then why do you assume that another won’t :question:

A far better scheme would be to have some sort of “keep-alive” signal: if that stops, you know the modem is “stuck” and take the necessary action to “un-stick” it.

How are the modems controlled - external “host” or internal Open-AT application?