How to set MC7354 to connect with eHRPD?


I trying to connect my LTE gateway to Verizon.
The modem on my LTE gateway is MC7354.
It successful connect to Verizon with LTE.
But, when I switch to 3G by AT command ‘!SELRAT=10’, it can not connect to Verizon again.
I set module with sample code ‘connectionmgrarm’ of SLQS 03.03.03.
When I run ‘connectionmgrarm’, I select to the option ‘3. Start CDMA Data Session’.

I ever try to set Verizon MiFi to connect with 3G.
It show connected with eHRPD.

Is there any way to set MC7354 to connect with eHRPD?
Or where I can find the sample code to set MC7354?



Finally, I successful connected to Verizon by 3G.
Don’t know why, but it work after I select 3rd profile on module.
I think may some setting different on the CDMA profile shift with 3rd profile.