How to send and receive special letters in SMS (ä, ö, å etc)


I’ve been having problems receiving and sending some alphabets, like ä or ö. They show
at the terminal as question marks (received SMS), and if I try to send some to a mobile phone, I get
garbage there too. Is it possible to receive and send these characters somehow?



you have to use the sms function with the pdu mode (at+cmfg=0).
To send your text in a pdu compatible mode, take a look here:

h ttp://



When I worked with Sony Ericsson modes (rest in peace… :laughing: ), I do this with at+cscs. Wavecom admit few character sets, anyway I think PCCP437 could be fine for you:
Please if you try it, please post it. I will need to configure this feature next month, your testing will be helfull. :smiley:
Waiting for your testing!!!