How to reduce sent TCP/IP packets timeout/latency?

Hello All,
I’m developing embedded systems where AirPrime SL6087 is connected to microcontroller via UART1. With WIPsSoft.dwl downloaded to AirPrime memory I’m able to open bearer and TCP/IP socket with my server using Open AT commands. During download of a 160kB file I’ve noticed that if I don’t send any response data I got fine download rate at about 11,5kB/s and whole file is sent below half a minute, but when I try to encapsulate data into my own protocol and add response every small chunk of data, then I’ve got quite delay for each response.

The question is: can I minimize the delay it takes SL6087 to send out data from microcontroller to the GSM network?

Looking through WIPAT command user guide doc I can see that for +WIPCFG I can set AT_WIP_NET_OPT_PREF_TIMEOUT_VALUE, but it is already set to 0 by default.


So don’t do that, then :exclamation:

Requiring acknowledgement of each small “chunk” of data is inherently going to make your protocol slow & inefficient :exclamation:
And the inherent latencies over a GPRS link will simply magnify the effect!