How to read IMEI and serial from modem through ORP UART

I am working on firmware for prototype of device which will use WP7700 module for cloud connectivity. Communication with MCU and WP module is going to be through UART and ORP protocol.

Registration on cloud will be done later then assembly, and since WP7700 modem will be hidden under enclosure we want to have access from MCU to serial number and IMEI through UART. Is that possible? We will most likely reflash WP77 module with latest firmware during production, maybe we can somehow handcraft firmware that allows access to serial and IMEI through UART ?

Hi @vadym.mishchuk ,
According to the AirPrime WP7702 Product Specification, the WP7702 module has support two UART interfaces.
Please let me know what board are you using on WP7702? does it support UART interface?


I use mangoh yellow for development, but that is temporary measure - final product will have standalone WP7702 module, It will be connected to MCU with UART1

Hi @vadym.mishchuk
To type AT command on WP7702 module through UART1, you must use command AT!MAPUART=1,1
For more detail, You can refer to Section 3 - Modem Status, Customization, and Reset Commands on page 82 in the link below: