How to Persist Date/Time Across Watchdog Resets

I am using the WP8548 module and we have an app that records special sensor data to a file using GNSS time and date. In order to get around connectivity issues we have implemented a watchdog timer that goes off after 3 hours of no cellular data connectivity with AirVantage.

When the WP module the GNSS time and data are not valid as it needs time to fix. How can I get a valid date/time while the GNSS is in process of getting a fix? Would the RTC be the best time source in this case?


did you get valid time for “date” command?
If yes, then you can use that information.

I haven’t checked the results of the date command, I will try that tomorrow. If this work’s what API should I use to access this via Legato? If it doesn’t work, what else can I try?


you can see here: