How to know the firmware version of wp7605?

We have just started the development of mobile communication device using WP7605.
Sorry for my basic question, but can I know the firmware version on the WP7605 module from the serial number or such?
Serial number of our module is 2A928585480310.
IMEI number is353532100125033.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


Tetsuo Maeda

You can type “cm info” in console

Or type ati3 in AT command port

Thank you for your advice.
One more question.
Where can I find the console command list?
I’ve found a AT command list but not console command list.
We are using MangOH green board.

You can see here

Thank you very much for your support.
Sorry but I have another basic question.
When I install an application such as “Hello World” to the target, do I need to install the Legato runtime to the target?
Or Legato runtime is already included in the application?

By default, the legato framework is enabled

Then, following is my understanding.

  1. I place WP76xx module in MangOH grren board.
  2. After turning power on and connect the console. Then enter “legato start” to start Legato framework.
  3. Enter “app start helloWorld” to start “helloWorld” app for example.

Is it correct?


If "legato status"shows legato framework is running, then you don’t need to do step 2

Thank you for the clarification.
I’d like one more your advice.
At the moment, our team have one MangOH green board and we want more.
Because Green board is difficult to purchase, I’m planning to get MangOH Red board instead.
I think almost all the basic behaviors are the same.
Can I hear your thought?

yes, basic behaviors are the same.

Just one more question.
Can I confirm that wp7605 can be installed on MangOH Red board?
Target of our products is Japan market.

yes, you can use WP7605 in mangoh red board

Thank you for the confirmation!
I’ve ordered a MangOH red board and my colleagu is preparing an WP7605.


We have just connected MangOH Red board to ubuntu over USB.
We areusing GTKTerm and the device name is /etc/ttyUSB0.
Prompt is “root@swi-mdm9c28-wp”.
Could you tell the documents that explain the procedure to install the app to the target over USB?
Sorry again for my primitive question.

you can use scp command to transfer the xxx.update file to module’s /tmp folder
After that ssh to the module, and in the console of module, type “update xxx.update”

I don’t know how to specify the target (connected over USB) .
All the scp samples I 've found are using IP address.
I think we can copy the update file using SD card but it seems strange!

moduel should have IP on USB ECM interface.
On PC, you need to
sudo ifconfig usb0

After you should be able to ping the module ECM interface

Thanks to you advice, every thing seems to be fine so far.
We can proceed with our development to the next stage.

We have started to prepare the development of the actual application. Can we ask for your advice in this thread? Or I should start a different question?
Thanks for your advice.

New discussion thread is better