How to get timezone from GSM

Hi guys.
I want to get timezone from GSM,but I don’t want to use network(NITZ) or GPS.
Can I get relevant information for the base station registered with the sim card?

Didn’t nitz is the network time from base station?

Another way is to implement simple network time protocol by UDP packet.

Hi thank you.
But I mean I don’t plan use any network or GPS,just use the GSM get tinezone .
So is there any way ?

you can have a try on AT+CCLK?

Yes,I tried AT+CCLK,but this doesn’t work for me,this can’t get local time zone.

+cclk: “20/02/03,05:45:20+32”

does the +32 help?

+cclk: “20/02/03,06:00:58+32”

what does “+32” mean?

I guess it means GMT+8

You are right. this is 1/4 time zone.