How to connect Between FCM and WIP


I wrote a client/server application. the data is recieved in the UART port and is stored in a temporary buffer. Than the data is copyed to the “send” buffer of the tcp ( the wip_write() buffer), waitting to be sent to the client. Nothing happens, because WIP_CEV_WRITE is not triggered.
I found in the forom that many users have this dificulty. The question is how the WIP process knows when to trigger the WIP_CEV_WRITE event.

I will appritiate any help on the matter.

WIP gives the WIP_CEV_WRITE when it is ready to accept (more) data - therefore, if you’re never getting the event, your connection is never reaching the point at which it is ready to send data.

Note that this is purely WIP - it has nothing to do with FCM!

What protocol are you using with WIP?