Basic queries on "wip_event" for a TCP-Socket-Channel

Hi All.

I guess (please correct me wrong) that the WIP_CEV_READ event is triggered, when the socket-recv-buffer has received some data from the network. Such kind of event makes perfect sense.

I, however, wonder when/what/how causes the WIP_CEV_WRITE event to be triggered.
The data is written into the socket-send-buffer by the application, which obviously is a synchronous phenomenon.

So, what causes the WIP_CEV_WRITE “event”?

Please bear with me, as although I have fair background of systems/socket programming, but I am really an absolute newbie to Sierra-Wireless as of now :slight_smile:

Looking forward to pointers.

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Hi Ajay,
It’s well explained in the WIP_Open_AT_IP_Development_Connectivity guide. you can refer ‘Write Events’ under the section ‘TCPClient: TCP Communication Sockets’


Thanks Rex_alex,

Exactly what I needed !!! :slight_smile:
Thanks a ton !!

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