i’m using
WIP Plug-in 2.00 Build 05
OpenAT 3.12
FW 657

I have a problem NOT receiving any WIP_CEV_WRITE event when buffer space becomes available again.
for example when i send 64 bytes, i would like to be notified when this space becomes available again

The only time i receive the WIP_CEV_WRITE event is when i write more bytes into the wip_write() function than the configured size of WIP_COPT_SND_BUFSIZE.
I’ve tried playing with WIP_COPT_SND_LOWAT option, but no success.

Is there any option i missed in the documentation or this ‘normal’ ?

The event WIP_CEV_WRITE will appear one time when a socket connected and then when you write any data that big more than TCP’s buffer ( you can get it with WIP_COPT_NWRITE ) WIP_CEV_WRITE will appear again certainly.

Thanks for your response PANMAYA,

I know i can get the available amount of free bytes with WIP_COPT_NWRITE, but it would have been nice to have this in an event driven approach, when bytes become available.
This would give me a little bit more Control over the data received by the PEER.