HOW send image to the http servlet using http post method


I want to upload a jpeg image to the http server using post method.
The http server accepts two parameters 1) imageSize 2) imageFile(name of the file.jpg)
Please tell me how to go about as i am not familiar with http stuff.

Hi guys

Got success in creating HTTP header for uploading JPEG image

No the new issue is that the total buffer size is more than 50 KBytes.
The wip_write call to send the buffer results in RTK excepition (Except RTK …190 1f 31).

Please tell where i am going wrong.


Check the Write documentation.

You can’t simply pour the whole block of data at the Write function in one go, as it will overflow the internal buffers. You have to write data until the Write function indicates that the buffer is full, then wait for the Write function to indicate that the buffer is ready for more data.

This is repeated until all your data is uploaded.

Note that you CAN’T just wait for some time-period, you HAVE to take notice of what the Write function is returning … and deal with it appropriately.

ciao, Dave