How does the QXDM licencing operate with Sierra Wireless?

I notice that most of the Sierra Wireless devices provide support for trace tools such as QXDM. Coming from a smartphone test background, mostly based on the Qualcomm stack, I am very familiar with QXDM and would like to use this to test on one of m2m modules based on MSM6xxx or QSC6xxx or similar.

How does the QXDM licencing operate with Sierra Wireless?


In all cases, customer can use SierraWireless’s SWILog tool for taking log:

If you own or want to use QXDM, please check with your FAE in contact.


Thanks, I understand that I can use can use SierraWireless’s SWILog, but I would prefer to use QXDM as I am very familiar with the SDK and automation client. I would like to know what the process is for obtaining a QXDM licence, and an approximate cost? I haven’t engaged with Sierra Wireless yet as we are just in a planning phase, so I don’t have an FAE.

That could be a special case, please raise the same and discuss with Sierra (maybe Sales?) when you approach them.

Sorry for not a good answer but that really depends and case by case…

Cheers, thanks.