How do pass AT command under Android ICS platfrom


Have anybody know how to pass AT commands to AirPrime module under Android ICS platform.
Due to Android RIL provide a OEM_HOOK_STRINGS, but it depend OEM RIL implement, so I want know how to pass a correct parameters to RIL driver.

Currently I know how to send SAR Backoff command (Driver Release document provide some tips) to module.

So have anybody give me some tips? Thank you!


This really is a question for an Android forum - it has nothing specifically to do with AirPrime or Sierra Wireless!

Out of interest, how will you connect your AirPrime module to your Android device :question:


No, the issues is depend on Sierra RIL driver implement, but the Sierra Android RIL driver is binaries type,
so I post the question ask help.

I discove u-box provide a example for them module. ref. AT command pass through … 003%29.pdf">

I need some information to create smiler toolkit for RF team to certification/verify my system.

our product built-in a MC7700 or MC7750 module, through a USB port connection to system (mini PCIE slot)


OK - so it’s a driver question rather than a module question.