How do I turn off UART?


I really need to turn off the UART in my Fastrack Supreme 20. This is my problem… I have a Fastrack which is connected to another device by UART using only 3 wires (TX, RX, Ground). The other device is always monitoring specialized equipment and it has a serial port available to allow external applications to get the logs. The problem is that the other device somehow detects when the serial cable is being plugged and it enters in some kind of “transmition mode” which blocks completly the other functionality of the device (this is an undesired effect).

In short, all I need to do is to connect to the device via UART, get the logs, and disconnect the cable. BUT the idea is to have the Fastrack always connected to the other device via UART, which will block the other device’s functionalities, unless I find out how to “simulate” programatically that the serial cable is unplugged.

I though turning off the UART will be enough, is there a way to accomplish this? Or any other ideas?



Not sure if it is possible, as device may measure electrical levels provided by RS-232 level converters.

Anyway, AT+WMFM command controls UARTs. You can give that a try.