How can I get the 5ms timer


Hi all,
I want to do the fast initialisation of K line through the Uart1.The fast initialisation requires a low time of 25ms .But the Timer type is 18.5ms.
Then how can I manage the fast initialisation?
Thanks for your support!


Take a look at the following samples in the SDK:


In fact, spend some time familiarising yourself with all the samples!

You should find them in a folder like [b]OpenAT\OS\6.11.01\ADL\samples[/b] - I suggest you create a shortcut somewhere convenient…


The sample I found before did not inclueded the ones you pointed.
And those samples must be supported by Open AT ® Release version 4.10.My version is Open AT OS 3.14. I don’t know whether the Q24Plus Series supports this new version.
Anyway,thanks for your direction,that is really help me a lot.


Q24plus does not support OS with version over 3.xx.

There is a way to get delays less than 18ms - make a cycle and get RTC time. But I do not recommend to make a timer of it - it is suitable only for delays.