How AT# commands correspond ADL to functions for GPRS?

Dear friends
Help to understand with GPS service. I use OpenAT v3.02 and Q2501b
By means of AT# commands
AT#APNUN= “mts”
AT#APNPW= “mts”
I incorporate on GPRS and I receive Ok_Info_GprsActivation
I need to reproduce the same by means of commands ADL
I do the following:
Values Serv, User, Pass, Iprc, Port I receive from the removed appendix,
With which I wish to leave on communication on GPRS

adl_gprsSubscribe (GPRS_Handler);
if (SetupParams. APN)
adl_memRelease (SetupParams. APN);
SetupParams. APN = adl_memGet ((u16) (L0 + 1));
wm_strcpy (SetupParams. APN, Serv);
if (SetupParams. Login)
adl_memRelease (SetupParams. Login);
SetupParams. Login = adl_memGet ((u16) (L1 + 1));
wm_strcpy (SetupParams. Login, User);
if (SetupParams. Password)
adl_memRelease (SetupParams. Password);
SetupParams. Password = adl_memGet ((u16) (L2 + 1));
wm_strcpy (SetupParams. Password, Pass);
s32 sReturn = adl_gprsSetup (1, SetupParams);
// Socket services
SocketParams. TcpPort = wm_atoi (Port);
wm_strncpy (SocketParams. TcpServ, Iprc, L3);
s8 sReturn1 = ed_SocketSetConfig (ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_1, &SocketParams);
s8 sRetAct = adl_gprsAct (1); I-receive value-8

Further I should use FCM service, but nothing turns out
Explain please conformity of commands AT# and ADL
I not understand order of command