Hotspot or data routing issue, not able to get internet on connected WiFi device

Hi Sierra Community,

We have used an EM7455 modem with our custom design, running on Android-pie, we have integrated a binary and source code provided by sierra, right now we are facing the issue of modem data routing issue through hotspot to connected WiFI device,

We have followed the below steps,
1 - LTE Modem is connected to the device from the bootup time.
2 - Now we are enabling Hotspot in the device which has Modem is connected.
3 - Now connect our phone to the Hotspot.
4 - Phone is connected to the Hotspot successfully, but not getting internet connectivity in a phone.
5 - But at the same time we are able to serf or download the website in the device which has LTE Modem is connected.

Also, I have attached an all system log, radio log, kernel message, and tcpdump file,

Can anyone help us to solve the issue, thanks in advance, the effort is highly appreciated from our side.

dmesg.txt (12.6 KB) main_log.txt (404.5 KB) radio_log.txt (339.3 KB) system_log.txt (352.8 KB) ,all_log.txt (1.5 MB) (3.6 MB)


From your case, your Android-pie device will have 2 interfaces.
First interface is between LTE modem and the Android-pie device, let just call it “usb0”.
Second interface is between Android-pie device and your phone, let just call it “wlan0”.
|LTE modem| <------> usb0-|Android device|-wlan0<-------> |phone|

You have to go to your Android-pie device and bridge the 2 interfaces usb0 and wlan0.