Hotspot Not working when Mobile data is On Android-x86 Oreo


I have integrated the RIL source 8.1.2 into my Android source based on the Android-x86 platform. We are using EM7455 modem. We are unable to connect to Hotspot when Mobile data is on, It is showing ERROR in GUI at Wifi hotspot settings.

Below are my observations let me know if i can provide logs.

  1. When Mobile data is on we are unable to connect to Hotspot and it showing ERROR in GUI wifi hotspot settings.
  2. When Mobile data is off we are able to connect to Hotspot an it shows active in GUI.

Please guide me to solve this issue, Thanks in advance.


The issue seems like coming from the configuration of the Android device. In this case, I think getting some help on Android forum would be much more helpful for you.


By debugging, we got to know that it was giving an error in IPV6 table commands, and the appropriate driver(IP6 RPFilter) in the kernel was not enabled, we have enabled it and the problem has been solved.