HL8548G slow speed


I am using a 3G module, HL8548G with a 3G sim card (Tmobile usa). The problem I am facing from this module is slow internet connection. I am currently using wvdial for the dialup modem.

AT+CSQ returns a value of 10, and my external antenna supports 1900Mhz.

Also, AT+COPS returns +COPS: 0,0,“T-Mobile”,2

My wvdial config file looks like

[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = ATZ
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wholesale"
Stupid Mode = 1
Modem Type = Analog Modem
ISDN = 0
Phone = *99#
Modem = /dev/ttyUL0
Username = { }
Password = { }
Baud = 115200

Is there any other command to enable the 3G part separately or what could be the issue ?

From the response of the cops command, we can see that the module is registered to 3G network.

What about AT+KSRAT=2


It seems like you are using the UART with baud = 115200. I guess that is the limiting factor.

To get the best performance I suggest you use USB and the CDC_ECM interface.