HL8548 - the shortest time from boot to start enumeration

In the HL8548 AT commands documentation, there is a note:

“When the module boots, two USB devices will appear with (VID,PID) equals (058b,0041) and (8087,07ed). These are from the module
bootloader and are used for firmware download. After a few seconds, these bootloader devices will disappear and the normal USB device will
be enumerated with (VID,PID) equals (1519,0020/0302/0303).”

How long is “few seconds”? What is the max. guaranteed time?
How fast from module reset I can start enumerating normal USB?
What is the fastest way?

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Not sure about the exact time… but what i understand is it will be very fast.


It’s not very fast. In fact, from my measurements it’s about 8 seconds minimum.
What is your experience?

  • Andy