HL8548 GSMA certificate

we are incorporating HL8548 module in our product.
HL8548-GQ 1104161
TAC: 35951605

Now we are importing product to Turkey and have an issue with GSMA certificate.
See message from our Turkish partner who is dealing with government.

The turkish communications institute BDK ( governmental institution) has access to GSMA database. With their approval we can register an IMEI number.
But first of all the TAC code must be registered, the TAC code from the last 4 devices I’ve imported is not registered in turkish BDK database.
First the TAC code must be registered , then we can register the IMEI numbers.
Sierra Wireless should enter the necessary slot number+ IMEI quantity into this GSMA database, which takes 2 minutes, then the certificate from GSMA will look the same like attached GSMA certificate.