HL8548-G Module not detect Client disconnect.


I’m using the Development Kit with the HL8548-G module configuring it on Server and client mode, and i have some questions about a strange behavior when a connection is established:

The commands that i used to configure the server are as follow:

And with these commands the server is established. Once i got it; i connect to the module as a client and i receive the command:

+KTCP_SRVREQ with the corresponding values to the Session, port and so on.

Once i need to send some datas from the board to the client, i use the KTCPSND command and i receive the CONNECT answer, i send the datas with the corresponding kpattern and then i receive the OK answer.

Now, the problem i’m having is that if i do not resend KTCPSND and the client disconnects i never receive any notification (KTCP_NOTIF) that it is not connected, and this is not useful to me because according my application i need to know which and when a client disconnects.

If i send the KTCPSND without send the kpattern and the client disconnects i receive the notification with the KTCP_NOTIF.

So i dont know what to do with this and i hope you can help me.


Ricardo Racines

How are you managing the client and server in the same module? are you using mux tool? how is the set up?