HL7812 usb

Hello everyone,
I am using the HL7812 in the EVK and would like to communicate via USB. So I enabled the USB and left the three acm as default:

… power cycle …
+KUSBCOMP: 1,1,2,3

I would expect the three COM’s (AT, AT_PPP and NMEA) in the device manager (windows 10), but I see four COM’s without any information. It is possible to communicate via AT and AT_PPP and probably NMEA (not tested).


My question is why are there four COMs? What is the 4th COM port in Device Manager (Windows 10)?
Is this described somewhere in the documentation?

Thanks and best regards! Hein

Hi @HeinSierra,

Based on the information I have from the dev team, the HL781x supports 4 interfaces (AT, AT/PPP, NMEA, MSE - Modem to ISE). However, they recommend not using the 4th port. If you need to remove the 4th port, please send an email to technical support at support@sierrawireless.com for assistance.