HL7812 and ttyACM*

I have an HL7812 connected to USB.

It represents itself as four devices, ttyACM[0-3].
I’ve not found in the documentation what each of these is used for. What data is expected on each port?


You can see here

Thank you!

I’ve seen descriptions of the ttyACM[0-2] devices, but I have a fourth port that is not mentioned anywhere.
My guess is that ttyACM[0-1] is for AT/Data and ttyACM2 for GPS, but I have not got it confirmed.

Still no clue what ttyACM3 is for.

What is the return of AT command kusbcomp



+KUSBCOMP: 1,1,2,3


+KUSBCOMP: (0-1),(0-5),(0-5),(0-5)


So I intepret it as
ttyACM0 = AT
ttyACM1 = AT_PPP
ttyACM2 = NMEA

Even the AT commands interface guide does not mention the 4:th port.
Is the ttyACM0 perhaps an USB/UART port that persist even if I disable USB?

what is your testing result on disabling USB?
Actually i think you can just ignore that port, most likely you only need AT port

All ttyACM devices disappear, kind of expected :slight_smile:

Anyway, It seems to be ttyACM[0-2] that I should use, I will leave ttyACM3 as an unresolved mystery.

Thank you