HL7802 - HTTP AT commands always in +CME ERROR: 3

I try to follow this tutorial but to use the http protocol instead of tcp at the end. (I’m new to the AT commands and the http)

Before that I tried to discover the AT commands myself using the ‘HL78xx - AT Commands Interface Guide’ but whenever I try to use AT command in relation with the network like: AT+KCNXCFG=1,“GPRS”,“internet.swir”
I’m met with the +CME ERROR: 3 and that for practically any commands in relation with the http or his configuration.

I’m sure that I don’t understand something to do before that to allow those commands but even if I follow the tutorial I have this error.

Any help is welcomed :slight_smile:

My mistake, I was sending string parameters with ‘“”’ quotes but I have to send them with ‘“”’ quotes instead and put a '' behind them for the compilation to work :slight_smile: :slight_smile: