HL7800 not responding after KGPIOCFG in CMUX mode

We are using the HL8548, HL7688 and HL7800, but only the HL7800 is exhibiting the following issue.

  1. Set AT+KSLEEP=2
  2. Set CMUX mode, we used the SierraWireless cmux guide. We use the following parameters: AT+CMUX=0,0,5,1280,10,3,30,10,2
  3. On one of the mux’d channels run: AT+KGPIOCFG? or AT+KGPIOCFG=10,0,2 (there is no response after this command is run).

After the last set the HL7800 modem chip appears to hang. It will no longer respond to AT commands. The only way to recover the modem is to power cycle it.

Should AT+KGPIOCFG work when in CMUX mode? The above steps work fine on the HL8548 and HL7688.

Note our version is as follows:

+KGSN: 35461609013937-4 SV:01

Upgrading to the latest modem firmware for the HL7800 seems to have resolved this issue.

It’s now running

+KGSN: 35461609013937-4 SV:10

Hi @simon ,
It’s so great. Also let update the latest document for newest supported feature and example for user case at the link