Hl7800 khttp_error: 1,5

I don’t see from your response where the CA Cert comes from - I am very very confused and a simple answer would be really really helpful.

a) do I need to generate a certificate myself - yes or no ?
b) if no - where do I get it from ?
b) do I need to use a public or private certificate ?
c) most things I have read say that a client key is NOT a common requirement - so why does the modem need one ?

I am deeply frustrated by this and just need to be able to make some progress.

You need to search in google on how to get CA cert from chrome or firefox after visiting the url.

It will also show who issue the CA certificate

Client key is different from CA certificate, client key is used in two -way authentication
For simple authentication, only CA certificate is needed

I think I am making progress but still not there yet. I have successfully loaded the certificate as per your instructions and the behaviour is different as follows:-



+KCNX_IND: 1,1,0


I also keep getting CME ERROR:92 Error due to invalid state of session - what dies this mean and how can it be addressed.

Is there any connection reaching the server?
You might need to setup a server anf monitor the traffic with wireshark

You can also see this

I was able to post something to the website over HTTPS yesterday - it wasn’t perfect but at least it made a connection and I had something to work with. I am having a few issues getting this working but I will start a new topic as this issue with error:1,5 is now resolved.
Many thanks for your help.