HL7692 voice calls and +CPAS


I have an HL7692 with V2.19 firmware.

I make a voice call in the usual way from the HL7692 to my mobile – ATDT;

The modem responds with OK and the my phone starts ringing.
However, when I poll for phone activity on the HL7692 via AT+CPAS, it always returns +CPAS: 4, even though I have not yet answered the call on my mobiIe. Shouldn’t it return +CPAS: 3 and only return +CPAS: 4 when the phone call has been answered, otherwise how can I determine from the HL7692 that the outgoing call has been answered?

The audio-related commands all seem to default to values which provide audio but I do not seem to get any audio. Is there anything else that I need to send to the modem to get audio for voice calls?



For the record on the forum the ringing status depends on the layer 3 signalling sent to the UE when making the call. Ringing is provided in band on the audio channel by the network so unless the network also sends the ‘alerting’ message on layer 3 messaging the unit has no way of knowing that the call is actually ringing as it is just audio data. You can actually see this on your handset as it doe not change any on screen status until the call is actually connected and charging is started as the connected is a mandatory message.

On the HL7692 and HL85xx for real time information you should use really use at+xcallstat which provides unsolicited responses as to the progress of the call.