HL7692 PPP transfer rate


I am using Keil’s PPP client on an STM32F437 MCU with the HL7692 module. I am using the UART interface at 115200 baud and start a PPP session via ATDT99**1#”

It generally works OK but I am only getting a transfer rate of around 60000-70000bps with a good 4G signal. I am not sure where the bottleneck is. I am running at 115200 baud (8N1) so I would expect the bottleneck to be around 115200bps. If I increase the baud rate to 230400 (on a special SW test build that does not crash at this speed) then it makes no difference to the transfer rate.

I am not sure whether this is a limitation on the Keil side, or the HL7692 side.

Are there any known issues with PPP performance on the UART interface?


As per our understanding no such known issue as such. Check for STM32F437 for specs or issues. And in the test build provided the main focus was to make the module work on higher baud rates not on the transfer rate.

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