HL7692 - digitally signed USB drivers?


Hi Everyone!

I am looking of digitally pre-signed USB drivers for module HL7692 - it is based on Intel module.
The drivers available on Sierra wireless catalog are not digitally signed therefor I cannot install it on my corporate PC.
All workarounds found in the web do not work.
Moreover the way to digitally sign drivers provided in the manual seems confusing and mentioned tools to sign are no longer available as I searched.
Can anyone give me a hand?

Thank you in advance!


HI Zdanowski,

Are you not able to install the drivers even with admin mode? Can you enable Test Mode and then try to install it?

Also please point us to the “manual” that you are referring to for digitally signing the HL7692 drivers.


I’ve been trying to install WMC_comneon8_v4.32.0, in the zip archive there is information how to proceed in “signing” catalog.
I am able to use unsigned drivers while I disable Driver Signature Enforcement in start up menu (F8 before Windows is loaded) but it is a temporary solution working until next reboot. Anyone is in the possesion of signed working drivers?