HL6528RD GPS active/inactive

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by looking at Product Technical Specification and At Commands Interface Guide for this particular module, I haven’t quite concluded what happens after sending AT+KSLEEP=1 command. It is stated that after this command, module automatically enters sleep mode when no more tasks are running. I am wondering is there any indicator (URC, …) when module enters sleep mode, without measuring CTS signal?

I have AirPrime development kit for HL series, with HL6528RD module. I am starting GPS, and NMEA messages are output through serial port. After sending AT+KSLEEP=1 command, nothing happens for quite some time(before I stop testing, NMEA messages were output the whole time), so I am also wondering how to make module enter sleep mode? Unless it did enter?
[EDIT #1] I totally overlooked LED indicators on development kit, so now I can confirm that CTS1 LED is always active, even after issuing AT+KSLEEP=1 command(no at commands were sent for 5 seconds or more). Questions still remain to be answered.
[Edit #2] After issuing AT+GPSSTOP command, module does go to sleep after 5+ seconds, so it looks like when GPS is active, module won’t go to sleep?

I am asking this because I am testing if GPS is still working after module enters sleep mode. This was the true with HL6528 module, as it is stated in “Sleep States” section of AT Commands Interface Guide for HL6 series (GPS is active in every sleep mode), which is what I am looking for to be true in RD module. Answering to this question is something I would like to see.

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The issue was rectified in later versions of Firmware which were released after 2.3.2.
Please test on latest firmware.
Download the latest Firmware from https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/hl6528rdx-firmware-2,-d-,3,-d-,10/

You can check is module is in sleep mode or not by checking power consumption 1.2 mA

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